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Christmas Calendar Countdown – Day 3- Build and Decorate Gingerbread House

When I think of Christmas, I think of sweets. When I think of sweets I think of Gingerbread House, lots of candies, mallows, gummies and gingerbread cookies! 

Holiday decorating is always more fun when you do it with family! The #cerradokids are growing so fast and as a mom, I want them to remember how we are making and creating memories as a family. Gathering in the table,  laughing and having a good time,and then the idea of decorating a gingerbread house was a real treat! 

For our Day 3 of Christmas Calendar Coundown – We build and decorate a GINGERBREAD HOUSE!  This is a great activity to start the holiday season and get in the spirit of sharing joy,love… and sweets.

Baking a gingerbread house from scratch can take an entire day. Making sure that all parts are equally measured.So when I saw that IKEA is selling a Gingerbread House for aed 20, I bought it right away. 

To begin with daddy A helped the kids to assemble the house,we used Betty’s Cookie Icing as our glue.But all the pieces fall apart. And so daddy A needs to think of new strategy.

I suggested to use glue gun instead,but he has plan of eating the cookies afterwards. So he added more icing on each sides making sure that everything is lined up properly, and give the edges a gentle squeeze to ensure that everything will hold together.It works but the other part of the roof are already torn apart. We never give up and we started decorating.


I set out a plate with a variety of decorating materials.We used gummies, mallows m&m chocolate  to embellish our gingerbread house, and it looked awesome!

Decorating gingerbread house is a fun holiday tradition, and it’s SO simple but a bit messy! But who cares about the mess when you are having fun!

  In truth, this really was a lot of messy than I thought it was going to be. So grab your stuff and get to decorating—the fun and easy way!

How about you?!How will you be decorating your gingerbread house this year?


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