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Letter of the week – Cc is for Caterpillar – Days of the Week Activity

We continued having lots of fun with our Cc is for Caterpillar series, it has so much to teach, that you can go a whole week with it.

For today’s activity I will be focusing and introducing the days of the week. Fortunately,the book of Eric Carle “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” is a great tool to teach kids the days of the week. 

For those who haven’t read it, the book is about a caterpillar who hatches from an egg on a leaf and is looking for food. The book uses the days of the week consecutively beginning on Sunday and ending a week later, on Sunday. It provides kids with a great visual in order to help them remember the days of the week.     

First, I discussed with Inigo that there are 7 days in a week. Then, we started sequencing the story by reciting the days of the week and the story while sticking the pictures to the correct day.

Simple yet full of learnings!



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