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Letter of the week – Cc is for Caterpillar Necklace Threading Fine Motor Activity

I have always loved doing threading activity with my kids. It is brilliant for developing fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

The only problem is that for little fingers holding a shoelace can be really tricky. It’s just to bendy to put it through a tiny hole. There are instances that  Inigo get so frustrated and don’t want to continue.

So when I am preparing for this craft I made sure that he’ll enjoy this activity. We are still in our letter Cc series so it seemed natural to make a caterpillar necklace. 

Making a caterpillar necklace is a fun follow-up to reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

With the the ziploc bag, I dyed the pasta using alcohol and few drops of green food coloring. Then,sun dry for 5 minutes. While waiting for the pasta, I pre-cut the laminated pictures and hole punch for easy threading. When the invitation is all set. Inigo is thrilled to start.

This crafts is perfect for literature and math component.He will have the opportunity to practice patterns and counting in response to a very popular children’s story. 

While doing the craft we retell the story.So he first thread the tiny and a very hungry caterpillar.Next, he added green pasta onto the thread. Then,he continued to add the pictures and green pasta forming a pattern.

The best part of this activity is it allows Inigo to be creative while also working on patterning and fine motor skills.  


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