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Letter of the week – Bb is for Busybee Counting Activity

We learned all about Bb is for BEE this week.For our Math Skills, I came up with this bee and beehive counting activity 

Bees are attacking our house for a week now! And the only way to save us from bee sting is to get them back to their beehive.But how? They are everywhere! 

Hmmm..wait a minute! I know…there is only one who can save the day!

My brave little boy is ready to face the challenge! Go Busybee Inigo!! 

My DIY tree was used again when we played this counting skills game.This time, I spread the beehives in our living room floor.

So here’s the task:

  • He need to place the numbers in sequence.
  • Once he’s done with arranging the number in order, he had to count out the number of bees to match the number on their corresponding beehive. 

As a bonus, for doing a great job, mommy baked Brownies to nibble while we’re  watching “Bee Movie”! I didn’t know that our Bumblebee series can be this fun! 

Stay tuned next week for more letters to learn! Have a fab weekend👍


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