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Letter of the week – Bb is for Bb Hat and Sounds

This FREE Letter of the Week Bb Hat is a fun hands on way for a child to learn their letters.

The hat is designed to reinforce and teach each letter and their sound. Each hat has a letter with a picture and corresponding smaller pictures to help teach/reinforce the phonics sound made by the letter. It is a super FUN and effective way to teach letter Bb to Inigo.  I precut the letter Bb hat, he did color and we talked the pictures and the sounds.

And since Inigo is becoming much more aware of letter Bb. I asked him to point to the word that begins with letter Bb on the page. I am simply introducing the begining sounds to him, and he found it right away. Woohoo! He’s figuring out the language of reading!

Such a FUN way to learn and reinforce letter sounds:)



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