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Letter of the week – Pollen Transfer Fine Motor Activity

Since we’ve been talking about bumblebees in our home for our letter Bb series, it seemed only natural that we include a little something about pollination.

I know,Inigo, may seem too young to grasp the idea of bees and how pollination helps plants grow, so before we try this activity,we watched the pollination lesson in You Tube.

 After watching, for a little extra practice of his fine motor skills, we created two flowers out of construction paper so that our “bee” will have a place to gather their pollen.   Then, we used our cute “bee clothespin”and some yellow pom poms to act as our pollen and my little “bee” started the pollination activity. We had so much fun so we opted to used also our tong wrapped in yellow pipe cleaner.  This is such a simple activity that can be done any time and takes only a few minutes to set up but provides so many fun learning opportunities!   


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