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Letter of the week – Bb is for Bubble Wrap Beehive and Fingerprint Bee Craft

Today, Inigo was a buzzy bee. Bb is for bumblebee is in full swing and we’re already having so much fun!

When we started our bumblebee series, we discussed that bees live in hives. I showed him the picture of the hives. Then I realized creating a hive of our own would be a great arts and craft for our series. 

I’m always keeping bubble wrap in our house, aside from they are Isabelle’s favorite activity. I knew that there are lot of possibilities to use this plastic in our activities.  

Using a rolling pin from his playdough set, we wrapped the bubble wrap around it and taped it down in a couple of places so that it would not fall off, dab some paint in paper plate and then rolled it on our paper. 

At first, I thought, this will be an epic fail because the bubble wrap we used did not actually make a pretty cool honeycomb on our paper, so I asked Inigo to smudge more bubble wrap to create a pattern. 

To finish our beehive, we used brown marker and draw the outline around the beehive. Cut out a small little door with brown paper and glue it on.

Then with our yellow tempera paint dab, Inigo painted his thumb and stamped it all around the beehive. The paint dries quickly so I draw the little bee’s features!

I totally love how this craft came out….so cute!   


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