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Letter of the week – Bb is for BEE

It’s that time again! Time to share another letter from our letter of the week series.

It seems to be working out pretty well, learning the alphabet both the upper and lowercase versions of a letter so we’re continuing on with that.

When I thought of the lesson plan for our letter Bb series, I was excited to look for fun activities. Searching online, I saw a lot for Bumblebee theme.I knew it right away that we have to include bumblebee activities in our alphabet learning journey, and I’m so glad we did! It turned out great!

Here are some of the ways we worked with the “Bb is for BEE” theme that you can try with your own little ones.

1. Bb is for BEE craft

 This is such an easy craft to make with Inigo since the stripes for the bumblebee are simple straight lines, this craft is perfect for him to understand the activity. When he is done with the craft. We used again our alphabet stickers to spell out the word BEE. This helps him to recognize other letters aside from our weekly letter task.
2.  Bb is for BEE Arts

Instead of using brushes, we used our tempera paint dub and it’s a messy free arts activity. 
3. Find the Letter Bb game

This activity is a bit tricky since it has a lower case letter b. I was expecting him to get confuse, so I don’t push him that much. But  he did jump on the opportunity to use our tempera dub markers for this letter “Bb” page.

Of course, the idea is to mark the featured letter while recognizing both uppercase and lowercase Bb.

4. Pre-writing activity

We will be doing more of a pre-writing skills in our future activities but we will still continue to work on his fine motor skills. Today, we practiced some of the tracing lines using our chubby pencil. I got this from Philippines and it is good for practising pencil grip.  
5. Coloring activity

When i saw this letter Bb activity online I printed it right away though this is not part of our theme. There are so much fun to do with this worksheet. A simple way of learning phonics, tracing the letter Bb, and introducing the pattern.  Patterning activity is great for problem solving and math skills.



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