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Letter of the week – Letter Aa Apple Sorting

As we are about to end our Aa is for Apple unit, I decided to try to incorporate apple picking and letter Aa sorting this time.

    It is actually pretty simple to make a fun apple tree of your own! I cut brown construction paper  and we had the perfect trunk for our tree!

Then I painted the paper plate with green tempera to make an apple tree right up on the wall. 

You’ll need some tape to attach your tree to the wall and the printable apples and letter A baskets as well.

After taping the letter A baskets onto the wall, I cutout the apples and marked half of them with an uppercase A and the other half with lowercase.

We talked about the differences between the big A and the little A and after showing Inigo the difference between the two baskets and the corresponding letters on the apples, I let him have at it.

He had a blast picking all of the letter A apples and put them into their correct baskets.


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