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Letter of the week – APPLE – Cano, STEM Activity

Apple Science Experiment is an excellent time to include in our letter of the week  activity.

The erupting apple science activity is an awesome example of creating curiosity, building vocabulary and increasing his love for science experiments.
I put a little twist on science experiments involving baking soda and vinegar to fit in our apple theme unit. 

To make APPLE – Cano:


  • Apples cored
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar

The experiment:

While Inigo is having his free play time, I cored the apple and added a few drops of food coloring and baking soda.I used shallow dish for easy visualization . 

When the invitation was set, my little scientist was so excited to try it on!

He slowly poured in a bit of vinegar. And then watched the apple volcano ERUPT! Over & over again! We continued to play until all the vinegar we had on hand was gone.

This was such a fun and simple science activity and it was a great way to keep him entertained while waiting for daddy A to be home!


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