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STEM Activity – Marshmallows and Toothpicks Structure..

Kuya Angelo has been acting up lately. He’s always looking and begging daddy A to come home early. But the traffic and the travel time takes him approximately 2hrs of driving from his workplace to our house. To divert his attention, I set up an invitation that I know he cannot resist.

Marshmallows + toothpicks = an afternoon of engineering fun! Previously, we did the 2 and 3 dimensional shapes using clay and toothpicks. This time I thought building marshmallows structures was a deliciously entertaining way of reinforcing his learning at home.

Since this our first time to try this engineering activity, our excitement turned into frustration.Using marshmallows in building a tower is unstable, wobbly and always collapsed. 

We almost give up but this activity not only tested our patience but also our determination to finish the task. Talking about resilience huh!

So I dropped the idea of creating a tower but instead, I keep the activity open ended and let him to be as creative as he wanted to be. 

After making several attempts, he moved on to making pyramids, then joined them together to make a larger structure.It looks like we came up with a new stress-buster for an awesome time!

Thank you for finding time to read my posts. Please feel free to share them as well! 

Have an inspiring, positive homeschooling ahead! Stay blessed!


One thought on “STEM Activity – Marshmallows and Toothpicks Structure..

  1. thanks mom, you are really a supermom. thank you for what you are doing to us, your family, im sure that your effort will not be put in vain. God bless your diligent hands.


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