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The #cerradokids Christmas Tree is up…

So it’s NOVEMBER already! I can’t believe how fast this month has snuck up on me! It occurred to me yesterday while we were in IKEA looking for christmas tree.

Since we have been spending so much time on doing household chores, taking care of the kids over the last few months, I haven’t done a THING to prep our home for the holidays!

Kuya Angelo, especially, loves seeing Christmas decors. He’s always asking us when can we start decorating our tree. We actually start shopping right about this time of the year so it’s not too early, I guess.We lost our previous christmas tree when we left last year. So we’ve got another one from Ikea.

This year we used our old christmas ornaments, what we change from time to time are the hanging decors on the tree. We plan to spice it up and go with the white and gold theme.Home Centre is on sale so we are lucky to score some of the ornaments at a discounted price.

We also purchased LED christmas lights to complete our tree. We are undecided yet whether to add angel or star for the topper.Nevertheless, it looks great on me. I guess we just need to add the christmas presents. Hehehe

It’s such a happy moment letting the kids decorate the tree while we are playing christmas songs. I am truly grateful to the faithfulness of our Lord for letting us to be together again- that’s when the spirit comes flooding in.

The #cerradokids were so amazed when daddy A light up the tree. 

Oh what a joy creating memories with them.



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