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Letter to Inigo @ 3

My sweet, feisty, adventurous little firecracker… you’re 3.

Inigo. When I think about the last 3 years, I get emotional. You and your siblings are absolutely, hands down, the best part of every day. You have such a huge personality. You’re smart, you’re sweet, you’re kind, you’re brave and you are absolutely our #chinitoinigo. You make us laugh every day and you love to play, joke, and laugh. 

You make us unbelievably proud. You have such a sweet little spirit, you love to snuggle, give kisses, and hug us. You love your family and with out knowing it, you bring all of us together. You have special relationships with your siblings and watching you all play gives me immense joy. You love your sister, and despite that every single day you argue like cat and dog, I know you two are always going to have a strong relationship. You have empathy, you’re kind to others, and you really love your Kuya Angelo that whatever he does you’ll mimicked him. You are so much fun to watch!

You are also quite fiery. You know what you want, and you like to make your own choices. You are too cute every time daddy A will fix your hair and would tell him not to look like his hairstyle.I think it has to do a little with your age, but I think you are also a very confident boy. You know what you like and what you don’t like. Sometimes you can be very stubborn, but you’ve learned that we mean what we say. We always try to be consistent with you so you understand… but we also like that you’re confident in yourself and your decisions.
Sometimes I wish it were possible to really express to you the depth of my love and pride for you, but words will never do it justice. My #chinitoinigo, you’ve awaken a part of my soul I never knew existed. You and your siblings make being a mom my most favorite thing in the world. I love you so incredibly much and I will forever and ever. I desperately wish time would slow down so I could keep you and your squishy little self safely in my arms, but I am also so proud to see you grow. You are amazing and I am so proud of you. Everyday, I stare at you in awe.
Never give up on what you believe in. Nothing makes me feel more joy than when I see you smile and giggle. You are my sunshine, baby. I love you so much! I hope you feel it every single day.
Happy 3rd Birthday, my little boy. Always remember that we love you through infinity and beyond!!

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