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Thursday Arts and Crafts

Hello and Goodbye October.Wow is it REALLY almost NOVEMBER? Sounds crazy just saying it!

Today we will take break from doing STEM activity but rather focused on kids imagination.

Since the #cerradokids are complete I set up a simple invitation for them to work on. To br honest, I really don’t have plan of making one but they keeps on bickering and tattling. 

The invitation was too simple. I just pre-cut the shapes, put some apple stickers and eventually added googly eyes.   The simple invites turns out a real fun activity for them. They were so focused and creative. Angelo was making a game called Reel Steel and he even narrates to me how his game works. Seems that he is applying his English lesson. Infact there are explanation, instructions, design and information on his collage. His imagination is beyond what I expected.When he’s done he proudly show it to me. 

This young man has a big future in Digital World!😍

 Now let’s see Inigo’s artwork. I was pleasantly surprised how he used the shapes. He literally knew what are the shapes for. He asked for ky help when he wanted to add eyesglass to his robot. He used the stickers for his Apple tree. Kuya Angelo helped him to draw the buttons.

  What really caught my attention is how he incorporate his happy meal toys to his collage. He is making a story and looks that retelling one scene from the movie The Secret Life of Pets. A great way of expanding his vocabulary words.  
Because Angelo and Inigo were too busy with their own work I helped Isabelle making her artwork. She’s not quite interested and just enjoying the sticky glue.  


Thank you for finding time to read my posts. Please feel free to share them as well!  

Have an inspiring, positive day ahead! Stay blessed!


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