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STEM Activity – Toothpick and Clay Geometry

Happy Wednesday! I just recieved the text from Angelo’s school that there will be no class tomorrow due to teachers training. And while we have extra off we also need to study his Math lesson. 

I love making learning fun in our homeschool…I try anyways!I’m always on the lookout for any STEM project with a WOW factor and today’s engineering activity will definitely cover his Geometry lesson.

In an effort to do that, I introduced the activity by asking him to draw the 2d shapes in our learning journey notebook, while I piled up supplies on the table. Then we started to talk about the sides and vertices so he could gain confidence and get a solid grasp of the activity. We used the toothpicks and clay to build each shape.     This simple demonstration will introduce a complex engineering concept to kids visually. What I loved about this activity was there has been a big interest in 2d and 3d shapes. He has a great time naming the shapes that has parallel and perpendicular lines.  

This just proves the power of differentiation and multiple learning strategies! 


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