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Fine Motor Skills – Playing with Clothespin

If you have kids, I would definitely recommend you keep some clothespins on hand. “Why clothespins?” you may ask. First, there are so many fun activities and crafts using clothespins. Second, they are great for developing fine motor skills!

With so many different activities and crafts using clothespins, having them on hand is a great way to keep kiddos occupied for a good chunk of time.     

We had done activity with clothespins recently, so I thought of giving him cup and clothespins and see what he’ll do with it. He started clipping them along the edge of a cup and as he was talking as he played I overheard he was counting the clothepins.

   When Isabelle saw her Kuya Inigo she joined us and I gave her plate as well.Sometimes it maybe too advanced for Isabelle’s age but watching them together doing the same activity and enjoying what they are doing looked so cute!Silly – I know – but these realizations make me so happy!    I love watching the interests of my kids – they are full of awesome ideas! Whenever I am needing a little inspiration I just sit back and watch them play … within a few minutes I always have another creative learning activity in mind!


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