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Keeping them busy…

This school year, it has been a challenge to keep my two toddlers busy! Inigo is almost three and Isabelle is 20 months old, and as much as possible we don’t want them to spend the whole day watching TV or just sit in one place playing Ipad.
It doesn’t matter whether our home is rarely spotless because of our kids who loves to play all the time. If you walked into our home , you would see Superhero costumes on the ground,paper on the table from the kids drawings,our castle fort in our living room, sippy cups on the table and kids running around.

Keeping them busy can be a very challenging task. That’s why I am on a quest to find some constructive ways to keep them entertain!

Here’s our tried and tested ideas for keeping their little fingers and imagination working. Keep in mind, though, that there’s a short span of attention for their age.

Let’s say  10-15 min. to be a successful activity. Enough to enjoy a sip of coffee or a quick exercise.

1. Puzzles –    

   2. Building Pipes   

   3. Lacing Buttons   

  4. Pencils and Paper – for drawings



5. Watercolor and Easel for painting   

 6. Books for Reading Time   

 7. Happy Meal Toys

9. Clothespins   



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