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Learning through play – Robot Making using Shapes

The other night while browsing at Pinterest and looking for a robot craft, I saw a great activity that involves sticky plastic cover we used to cover Kuya Angelo’s books.

We still have spare since daddy A bought 1 roll. Then the idea pops out to combine pre-cut shapes and contact paper to make a robot. And thus the Robot Making Shapes born. 



I was pretty sure chinito Inigo would be into it. He’s into robot  because of the Toy Story movie and he’s fascinated with Buzz Lightyear.   


First, I cut a large square of clear contact and tape it to our easel with the sticky side out.

Then, I put tape in each corner and halfway so it wouldn’t move or bunch up when we pulled things off.

Next, I laid the pre-cut shapes and asked him that he can make a robot out of shapes.He was too excited to start.

Finally, he made two robots. One for him and the other one for Kuya A. I also made rocketship to go along with the robots.   



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