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Learning through play – Blocks and Shapes…

This past few days I started doing constructive activity with chinito Inigo. We were focusing our learning on the topic that he really love. I am observing mainly on where he will lead me.

I dont want to force him with something that he doesn’t like. After all that’s the objective of learning through play.We had lots of fun learning and exploring together. However, I quickly learned that teaching my chinito is very different from teaching kuya A before.

When I would teach kuya A we could choose a time, sit down and move from one activity to the next with ease. With chinito Inigo it wasn’t quite the same. He likes to be moving and didn’t want to be seated most of the time. This was fine with me I don’t think he learns any less if he is pacing while I read a story rather then sitting down.

Above all else I want him to enjoy learning and foster a love for it. I don’t feel like I would help do this by constantly forcing him from one activity to the next when his heart is set on doing something else. He is only almost three after all so I am learning to be flexible and move at his pace.

Today we had a lot of fun activities using these wooded blocks. After sorting it by colors the other day this time chinito Inigo wants to sort it by shape. I’ve got the shape chart from google, print, laminate and voila instant activity!  



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