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I turned 38 years old.. and I’m happy!

July came and whizzed past us so quickly! It was a month dotted with a lot of busy happenings and special events. It was a time filled with a lot lovely people and fond memories. While it was the busiest, it was also one of my favorite time of the year! Three birthday celebration in a row! How cool is that!!

I just turned 38 years old recently. And once again, we celebrated the occassion at Yakimix Robinson Manila. 

It was a simple and fuss-free dinner! Besides, entertaining is something that should be done naturally and effortlessly. Sometimes, all we really need is a simple but scrumptious meal to make us feel best on your special day.

There are so many reasons to be happy. And I will always be forever grateful with all the love, blessings and provisions.



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