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This is it! Our Grade II Journey

This is it! The last stop on our grade II journey. Yay! We made it to the end. Consistent top achiever of the class. Favorite host of the program and a lot of exciting extra-curicullar that made it so memorable.

To all his teachers kudos to all of your patience and love for your class. 

To Angelo’s classmates and bestfriends, thank you for making his stay so much fun! He always look forward of going to school with excitement. 

To Tita Racel, thank you for taking care of Angelo. It wouldn’t be easy without your help. 

To Nanay Celda, a big warm hug! Waking up early to prepare his breakfast and baon is a tough job but you did it all because of love!

To Daddy A this award is dedicated for you! For your unending love to our family. For always boosting Angelo’s abilities. For giving him praises and lessons when needed. Thank you! You may not be there physically but he remembers you before we went up on the stage.

 To CAM School, while we had hoped to spend another year. We did, however, enjoy  wonderful gradeschool journey.    


May you continue to nurture the kids with knowledge, values and experience that they will treasure in their hearts.


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