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From Bronze to Silver…

The second quarter report has been out since yesterday and once again Kuya Angelo proved that his hard work really paid off.  From Bronze he is now awarded as Silver Awardee. His teachers were all proud and amazed how he coped easily with new his environment.       

As his reward we went straight to SM San Lazaro. It’s his request to eat in Mc Donald’s and ordered his fave meal, chicken fillet with rice and fries. Very low maintenance lng sia.. Hehe 

After eating we headed to Book Sale and told him that he can get atleast two books but not more than php 100. So then chose Angry Bird Activity book and Curios George. A total of php 70 for both. 

I also got Where the wild things are to add in our book shell for only php 90.   

Let me end my post with our little talk after we recieved his test papers for the second quarter. 

Angelo- mommy i have surprised for you

Mommy R- really what is it?

Angelo – (showing his test papers) I am the highest in English and I got the perfect score in Computer.

Mommy R- wow your hardwork paid off..

Angelo- are you proud of me that I got high grades?

Mommy – of course yes! I am proud of you not because you have high grades but rather you know that if you work hard and study hard you’ll get best results. 


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