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Learning through play – V is for Vegetable..

Hi there!!Whee.. can’t remember when was the last time I blog. 

It is becoming the season of cold weather here in Philippines. Not to mention its been rainy too, which means lots more indoor time (and sadly not nearly enough outdoor time to burn off their energy).

For our lunch today Nanay Celda cooked Pork Sinigang and I asked her if I can have a few bits of the vegetables. #chinitoinigo has been bugging me to do art activities again. If he’ll not ask for paper and pencil he will begged to paint using watercolor.

Today we made quick and easy fine motor activity — just for this occasion. Because, man, when you *need* one, you really, really need one, right?to ensure that your busy baby has something productive to keep him occupied.  

How about vegetable painting? Sounds fun right?!

Who says vegetable are just for eating when you can make a great artwork out of it.

While things could get messy, it allows him to embrace his creativity and hone his artistic skills.  



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