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How we study during exam week..

I got the email from Kuya Angelo’s school that we can now access the End of Year school performance online.

I was so excited to see how he performed in the class so I hurriedly log in to my GLG account. 

Allow me to share the comment of his adviser. Sorry for bragging! ☺️I’m such a happy momma!😛 I’ll not post his grades nahiya ko eh! But he got straight A and A+. 😄 

Ok going back to my title post. Quick share lang how we studied during the exam week. In his school parents recieved an email mga 2 – 3 weeks before the scheduled date. 

Exam week starts May 25 – June 04. One subject per day and in the email there were pointers to review. Everyday there’s a reminder on what subject needs to focus. The child will bring revision worksheet as well so even if you have no time to check your email you can still review the child.

My son is into visuals so I made posters for his English subject.This helped him to easily grasp the concept of Noun, Adjective and Verb.


For his Science exam we made an artwork on how the plant grow. I let him use the paint and once dry I asked him to write the stages on how flower blossom and how plant grows.   


This strategy makes our life easier. And really works on him. How about you mommies what’s your tip on keeping your child study habit?   



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