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Yay or Yey! Learning through play activities…

When Inigo started to show interest about structured play I made sure that everyday is a learning experience for him.

But not all the time he’s in the mood. So in just a snap my original plan will quicly change depending on what keep him more interested. So you see it’s always a child led teaching method. I don’t force him because I want him to enjoy and I want him to know that learning is fun!

Most of the invitations are hits but there are failed like the following:

1. Painting using cork- After some dabbing of cork to the paint he ran away and never return. 😁   

 2. Paper Plate Tree using leaves – When he started to used the glue he’s unstoppable! He doesn’t like gluing the leaves but he loves squeezing and squirting the glue bottle.   

  3. Matching Shape – Ok! OA na ko dito. This is inaapropriate for his age. But I just want to see if he will like it!  

4. Color Sorting and Matching Shoes – He loves daddy’s shoes and everyday he’ll ooen the shoe rack and ilalabas niya lahat ng shoes.    



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