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Our Princess Isabelle Photoshoot at Pink Pepper Photography Dubai Mall

A quick post to share with you how beautiful our little princess is.

The perks of giving birth to Mediclinic City Hospital is recieving complimentary voucher from Pink Pepper Photography Dubai Mall.

The free voucher includes one high quality 6×4 print of your choice (also offered as a medium resolution digital copy).

To say that we had fun is understatement! In fact Princess Isabelle is so comfortable with the camera. 


Isabelle is wearing Monsoon dress and flower headress. She’s so adorable! Then we changed her outfit again with gray Gap tutu dress and pink tiara. That makes her looked like a real princess.We also did a diaper shot with crochet bonnet only. And she’s so charming!

   She’s smiling, laughing and jolly the whole session.   

      The photographer’s style is clean, bright and cheery with a touch of vibrant thrown in. I love color and vibrant images. 

I can’t wait to our viewing schedule which is on June 17. I’m sure I will be swooning over so many gorgeous images.


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