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Learning through play – Popsicles and Pringles Fine Motor Activity

In addition to promoting some great developmental skills, this activity is also a great one to use when you need to keep your little one occupied for a few minutes so you can work on other household chores or having a few minutes of ME- TIME.



Remember, sometimes the best fine motor activities can be done using household items from your cupboards and kitchen drawers! For more kid-friendly fine motor activities you can also use the Pringles container and popsicle sticks.



I love this popsicle stick Pringles can activity because, like many toddlers activities, it challenges a variety of skills such as grasping, hand-eye coordination, working at and reaching across the middle of the body and even concentration.



#chinitoinigo enjoys this activity as he practice his fine motor skills!

Once all the popsicle sticks have been pushed into the container, he can simply open, dump, and repeat!


One thought on “Learning through play – Popsicles and Pringles Fine Motor Activity

  1. thank you mom for doing this again to our chinitoinigo like kuya angelo before.
    I pray that God will flourish you with more wisdom on how to be a first teacher and parent to our children.


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