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Letter to Jelly Bean @ 4 months

Dear Isabelle… You’re 4 months old!


My mellow, smiley little princess. . . you are 4 months old!
Every morning, I wake up and the first thing I do is turn to my right to stare at you.  You always wake up with a big, happy smile and I am immediately filled with so much gratitude and joy to have you in my life.  I hope you always wake up happy and ready to start another day.


Our adventure with you has been so much fun this month.  You started giggling!!  The first time was when I asked “who is our little princess?!” and from there all we have to do is tickle you or tell you funny stories.  You’ve really started developing more of your personality traits.  You’ve become pretty mellow and comfortable in your own little body – you’re easy to entertain and love watching your big brothers play around you.  You’ve gotten really good at grabbing things and putting everything in your mouth!!  You seem to especially like your fingers and will chew on them every time you figure out to put them inside your mouth.

You’re still  best sleeper and I’m glad we have a good routine.  Right now you are waking up 2-3 times in the middle of the night.
I feel very blessed to be breastfeeding you.  You are still eating very well – usually every 2-3 hours during the day.  You do take a bottle of pumped milk well if I am not home.

I love seeing your little body during bath time.  You are almost growing out of our infant tub… you love to kick and splash during bath time and water typically goes everywhere.  Bath time is still one of your favorite times of the day, I think.   

You seem to enjoy laying on your back and batting at toys.  Your neck has gotten much stronger and you’re able to hold your head up high and look forward.  You have started rolling from your tummy to your back, but you don’t always remember how to do it.  

You are talking a lot more – babbling at us and screaming with happiness, too.  You are very vocal.  You have the most adorable gummy smile.  Sometimes while I am away from you if I think about that smile I feel immediately happy – it is just so electric and joyous. 


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