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Dubai Dining – Langhap Sarap at Jollibee – Dubai Mall

It’s official, our well loved bee is finally here in Dubai. In fact, it created quite a stir yesterday during the opening day. #Jollibeeopenindubaimall was all over  the social media hummed with images of serpentine queu of loyal fans patiently waiting for more than 6 hours. At isa kami sa daan daang tao!😝  

 The Emaar Group decided to add security to ensure the safety of the customers. The que was tremendous yesterday,  the mall security formed a queue system similar to an airport check-in counter outside the shop to manage the crowd. Security is so strict even taking pictures near the counter is restricted. But I managed to get one para souvenir.😆  

The moment I had a glimpse of Jollibee I felt like a child excited to open my dream toy. We came at 8:30 pm but Raquiza and Claire were already in line since 6:30 pm. We were so excited and didn’t mind that we’ve been waiting na for 6 hours. That’s how much we missed and loved the food.   

No words can explain our faces the moment we realized that it’s our turn to order,is priceless!   

Initially we were confused on what to eat as there are tons of choices but our excitement turns into sour graping when we heard that Chicken Joy run out of stock.

In the end we ordered Jolly Spaghetti, Jolly Burger Steak, Regular Yum, French Fries and definitely the Jolly Hotdog. 

We then ate in silence, joy and satisfaction.   


Now you might be asking why do we crave for this? Actually I can’t define why? It’s like every bite brings back memories.It’s quite hard to explain  but it’s just good to make you come back for more.


Now do I recommend it? Well definitely YES! especially the Burger Steak – kuhang kuha ang timpla!, Having said that spaghetti might look like the one you know but trust me it’s not, this version is not the sweet sarap Jolly Spaghetti that everyone loves: medyo sablay dito so be warned.


Overall, I’m excited to be back anytime soon! I can’t wait to try my all time favorite! The Chicken Joy! We’re planning to bring the kids!We’re going to have the time of our lives sharing the langhap-sarap world of Jollibee here in Middle East.



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