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Letter to Jelly Bean @ 3 months



3 months old!  I can’t believe it.  This month has been filled with lots of smiles – big, open mouth, squishy eyed smiles.  Some of my favorite smiles in the whole world.  You’ve started to really take in the world around you and like to be walked around so you can see everything.  You’ve also become more comfortable with your surroundings and your ‘fussy moment ‘is lessen.


A couple weeks ago, you started discovering your hands and batting at objects.  In the morning you love sitting on the swing with toys on it and you have really started eyeing the toys, grabbing at them, and swatting them.  You also love staring at books and toys while sitting inside the toy room as well. Your favorite book is Angelina Ballerina.

When you grow up and wanted to enroll in Ballerina class, I will be willing to come and watch you doing the curtsy. Can’t wait seeing you performing on the stage.


Sleeping time has never been a problem even from the start that you were born. You established your routine now and you are already in bed at 5:30 pm and will wake up at 5am in between of course mommy is still nursing you. I am so proud that for three months i am still exclusively breastfeeding you. The golden milk helps you a lot in giving you strong immunization. You never tasted vitamins except for Vit D which is necessary for your bones since the sun here is not recommended for babies.


I am amazed how you love the water and taking a bath now is so much fun. No more crying and screaming blues. Yay thank God!


You and your brothers are starting to interact a little more, you love to look and watching them playing.  You are such a happy baby and it is so much fun to see you grow and change so much each month.  


It always melts my heart every time I heard you giggling while your daddy is playing with you. You are very snuggly and love being held. In fact when I can’t pacify you it was your daddy’s arm and lullaby comforts you.


Today, I prepared Baked Macaroni and Open Face Crispy Chicken for dinner. Kuya Angelo helped me to bake the Funfetti cupcakes.




I love you my sweet,pretty adorable little princess.


Mommy,Daddy A, Kuya Angelo and Kuya Inigo


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