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Dubai Dining – The New Seafood in Bucket at Hor Al Anz, Deira

It was a late seafood cravings and we were supposed to try the newly opened Dampa Seafood Grill but when we called the restaurant they were already closed. When I checked the time it was half past 10pm na kaya pala we were all famished. We agreed na lang to go to Seafood in Bucket at Hor Al Anz, Deira. 

If you are craving for seafood but don’t want to spend too much then you must visit their restaurant. They already have three branches in Dubai. Their first restaurant is located in Al Attar Karama, next is in Al Ansar Gallery, Karama and just recently they opened in Hor Al Anz, Deira. 

Compare to their first branch, Hor Al Anz is much spacious and cozy. It’s not too crowded and you can really enjoy your food without thinking that others are still waiting outside to be serve.

Seafood in a bucket became popular in Dubai with their wit concept. They served the food in a tin bucket and you’ll eat it with your hands. One reason why binabalikan ng pinoy is that the rice is unlimited.#carbooverload

For a first timer, this is how it works. First, you’ll choose your catch. Starting from crab, clams,mussel,shrimp,lobster,sand lobster, tilapia,hammour,squid and salmon head. Second, you’ll choose your sauce. Third, you’ll decide the level of spiciness. 

They also offer a variety of side dish to every meal. Whether you like corn on a cob, onion rings,crackers, sweet potato fries,seasoned wedges and piknik fries. They are all readily available.

No visit will be complete without trying their affordable coolers and dessert from The Workz Bakeshop.

The fun experience began as the staff placed wax paper sheets instead of plates on our table. Then, we were given complimentary crackers to nibble while waiting for our orders.

Our table consists of crabs in sweet chili sauce,mussels in garlic and butter sauce, sand lobster in black pepper sauce and calamari in garlic and butter sauce also. We requested to separate the sauce in all of our orders para less umay.

We also ordered their apple-cucumber and lemon iced- tea. And we were so excited to see the refreshing coolers served in huge glass jars. 

We finished off with their best selling Red Velvet Cupcake and Chocolate Cupcake. 

Maybe because I loved baking, i will never recommend these goodies to try on. Buti na lang mura lang siya aed 8 for each.Parang maipilit lang and dessert. Dessert are baked by The Bread Work’z. As per their name they need to really work on their pastries. Di masarap bow!#balikbayadboo!

Cost – Total of aed 128 for 3 persons including food, drinks and dessert.

Verdict – It’s a new experienced with family, friends and loved ones. A must visit restaurant which allows every customer to create their own favorite meal. I loved the simple yet elegant ambience with light fixings and graffiti walls.  Service wise – I liked how their staff are so attentive in giving extra rice and refilling our drinks. 

Seafood in Bucket Locations:

Ground Floor, New Al Attar Centre, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road, Al Karama
Telephone- 04- 388 5219

Ansar Gallery
Karama, Dubai
Telephone- 04 396 8995

Al Ananam Building, Siddique Road
Abu Baker Hor Al Anz
Telephone – 04 269 1014



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