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Kid number two

I can’t remember when was the last time I update you with our kid number two. He’s known as #chinitoinigo in Facebook but in our house we often called him “spiderboy”. 

He’s quite the climber and adventurer.  He is also very tough that even if he fall quite often he rarely cry.  We have moved all of our chairs away from the table because he figured out how to climb on them and then get on top of the table.  

He also can climb up the TV stand, strollers, into the bathtub and anywhere he set his mind to.  He’s an adventurer because he don’t stay where we are – he go wherever you feel like going.  He will wander away from us to explore and talk to our nearby table. Something I have noticed , he loves to say hi to people he just met. He’s so generous on giving smile to us.

But aside from being playful he is very sweet and smart cookie. He’s saying saying several words now and it’s fun to teach him new ones. He can say: mom,dad, yah (for kuya), besh (for Isabelle), miryam (for tita miriam), kek ( for tita keke). When he’s hungry he’ll say rice or milk. And if he knows na nainis niya si kuya he’ll say yee for sorry.

If we ask him “to call the cat?” he’ll respond with “whish whish” or ” yaw for “meow”. He is also very aware of what we are saying.  If we say bath, downstairs, outside, get your slippers, time to eat, go to our bed, or kiss us good night, he knows exactly where to go to do what we are saying.  If we ask him where the ball or baby is, he will go on a hunt to find them.  It is truly amazing how he understand us! 

He also point at things when he say “what’s that” and it is so cute to see his tiny little arm pointing around the house. He absolutely love the water and the pool.  Everyone is surprised when they see him in the pool because he’s not afraid.

And because he’s showing interest in learning. I started to offer him activities to keep him busy while Kuya Angelo is also busy doing his activities. 

Number puzzle- I noticed that he loves numbers more than letters. 

He’s showing interest in arts too. So we started Watercolor Painting.

The next day, I offer him Water Painting and again he likes it.

He also enjoys Reading.

Answering workbook like his Kuya.

 I can’t believe how much he have grown up and changed in such a short time.  But he never fail to amaze me, he still our sweet chinito boy, and I hope he never underestimate how much I love him.


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