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Teaching kids bible stories – The Creation

For the upcoming Earth Day on the 22nd, I might share this simple activity we made for the Preschool and Primary of our Kids Church.

This month we have our new series entitled – In the Beginning. It will be about how everything was perfectly made by God. By the end of this series, We hope that kids will have learned to appreciate how God planned out our salvation right from the very start, when sin entered the world through Adam and Eve.

For our first week we discussed the Creation and how God formed the universe and everything in it.

I was assigned to do the arts and craft. Unfortunately, our Macbook was still in the repair shop that time so I need to go to the internet cafe and let them print the coloring book.

That same day was the worst sandstorm I’ve experienced. In fact, UAE residents were forced to stay indoors as strong winds kicked up sandstorms, reduced visibility and made the sea rough.

can’t hardly see the buildings

cars are driving too slow because if the zero visibility

first time to experienced worst sandstorm

Moving on, since the topic was The Creation I opted to make mini booklet of how God created the world. I intentionally made the words missing for the kids to fill up. The purpose of this is that not only they will color the pages but eventually they will remember the seven day creations upon writing the answers.

Once done they can bring it home and can read it over and over again.

This will also helps them learn about the greatness, power, and beauty of our Creator. Happy Creation Book-ing! 🙂


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