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Dubai Dining – Asian Buffet at Intramuros 

When hubby and I discussed where he’ll treat his colleagues for despedida, I suggested Intramuros. It’s an international cuisine buffet at a cheaper price.

Intramuros is a casual dining restaurant situated along Deira. The restaurant’s facade is inspired to one of our historical place in Intramuros called Fort Santiago. It’s one of the tourist spot and  the most popular landmark in Intramuros in Manila. 

The interior has an ancestral atmosphere; very elegant and classic. Pinoy na pinoy ang dating! I could feel the Filipino warmth the moment I walked in.

We were ushered at the Bonifacio Hall with three big tables that’s good for 15 persons. We came a little early so I managed to take some photos while waiting for others.

The restaurants offer a variety of international cuisine from Japanes, Thai, Chinese and Filipino food and delicacies.

salad bar

sumo station

my fave – Tempura station

Yesterday’s menu consists of Kare- Kare, Chicken Lemon, BBQ chicken, Chicken with Tofu in Black sauce,Fish Fillet with tartar sauce. For veggies they served Water Spinach fried in Garlic sauce and Vegetable Spring Rolls. 

And of course my all time favorite Prawn Tempura. For the rice you can choose between plain rice or Chicken Fried Rice. If you don’t feel like eating rice, you may devour their Mixed Pancit Guisado- a combination of bihon and canton sauteed in chicken and vegetable. 

But like  any other buffet  restaurant , I am always  excited  to go straight to their dessert station to check what they can offer to my sweet tooth.

For desserts, there were native delicacies, fresh fruit slices and irresistibly International sweets! My dessert plate had palitaw topped with grated coconut and sesame seeds, pichi-pichi, cassava cake and strawberry mousse. My taste bud are feasting with so much sweet treat.  

Priced at 49 AED/person,  the Flavours of South Asia buffet at Intramuros is one of the most affordable so far. Drinks not included. But still, the final price of 65 AED/person (buffet + 1 drink) is very reasonable! 

And to our NRL friends, thank you for your generosity. Daddy A loves your present. Isn’t obvious?!

Oh and by the way, he was teary eyed when we entered the car. Mamimiss niya daw kayong lahat except sa pag-uwi ng super late😜.


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