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Ultimate Ben 10 Themed 5th Birthday Party

This maybe too late to post but still allow me to share how we celebrated Angelo’s 5th birthday.

It was a mutual decision that when he turned five we will not give him a party but rather we will just celebrate at home and kids church. 

My son absolutely LOVES Ben 10, so it only made sense to throw him an Ultimate Ben 10 party!

I really wanted to order a custom cake for the birthday boy but budget didn’t end up permitting.Instead, I got him delicious chocolate cake from Coco’s Restaurant and print small picture of Ben 10.

I also used his miniature Ben 10 toy as cake topper.

Since he will be blowing his cake at Kids Church we opted to have candy buffet for the kids. It served na din as their party favors then we add Ben 10 bubbles.

But the best part of the celebration is looking his reaction upon opening his birthday present. Thank you Tita Raquiza for spoiling our children! 

In few months time he will be turning six and we are now discussing if we will have party this time. Actually, I want sana sa school niya with his classmate kaso his birthday is vacation time dito. 

Anyway, it’s Thursday so Happy weekend!


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