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Dubai Dining – J. Co Al Ghurair, Dubai is now open!

It’s been almost a month when J.Co opened their first shop here in U.A.E.I am not a donut-type person so I can’t understand why they choose to wait for two hours just to have a bite of the “controversial/sensational” donut. 

I first saw a glimpse of J.Co in Instagram when all of the artista in the Phillipines are raving about it. I was so curious that I put it right away on my “shop to visit” list. 

Couple of weeks ago, after dining in at Shogun Restaurant which is also located in Al Ghurair, we decided to visit the donut shop and to my surprised even if it’s already past 10pm ang haba pa din ng pila…hmm.. there must be something in that donut. 

But of course though my curiosity is eating me up there is no way that we would stay there for hours. Hello! Musta naman ang me mga anak na maliit pa.

But God is so good that HE send his angels. Ate Rowee and Kuya Arnel called and asked us if we like a dozen of J.Co donut. Syempre I said in pakipot way na “wag na nakakahiya”. Pero deep inside YES na YES! Haha..

In a box we get to try the variety flavors. We sampled Oreology, Why Nut, Alcapona, Heaven Berry, Crunchy Crunchy and Choco Loco. 

My verdict- It’s one of the best gourmet donuts here in UAE. These donuts can go even without tea or coffee. Unlike Krispy Kreme na sobrang tamis J.Co has a perfect blend of sugar and the dough is so soft.  But I advice to eat them fresh from the store mas masarap!Admittedly, it’s worth waiting for! 

For the price value, I think aed 35 for 1 dozen is not bad.

But how true that J.Co here in Dubai is not actually a legal franchise from the management. 

Well, for whatever the truth is let’s just devour the taste of the sensational donut! #ehdiwowdiba

If you are still clueless about J.Co donuts, here’s the list of flavors that you may want to try on. Flavors are the same like in the Phillipines.


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