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#chinitoinigo as a brother

After giving birth many people have asked me how Inigo is adjusting to being a big brother. As you know he was only 6months old when I’ve found out that I am pregnant again. It was too soon I know when both if us are still adjusting and enjoying parenthood.

But this time I feel both my kids are just as needy of me. I can’t tell you how heartbroken I felt in days when Inigo would also wants to be carried while I am nursing his sister. In days where he only wants our full attention on him. And he has his own way of getting it!
I was like a part of me crumbled, but I had to be strong at the same time so that I could hug him, kiss him and tell him that things were changing but that change is good.

He’s only 15 months old and  I am sure the change is hard on him too.Don’t get me wrong: Inigo adores his baby sister to bits.
He had his good and bad moments since we brought Isabelle home from the hospital – but in the moments where he kisses her head and wants to love on her, I know in my heart that he is going to take this role as a big brother and love it.  


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