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Letter to Jelly Bean @ 1 month old

My sweet and beautiful little princess…

A month old already. I can’t believe I have had a DAUGHTER for a month. My goodness, you have brought so much love into our home, and I have absolutely loved getting to know you better during this last month. You are so darn cute, you started to gained weight.
You look absolutely like your dad and I am consistently having to remind myself that you are his girl version. That’s why we are calling you ” little angelina” derived from your daddy’s name.


You have no idea just how much you are loved already… not only by us, but so many people we are fortunate to have in our lives.



I love our time when I am breastfeeding you. You have been a good eater and latched on right after you were born at the hospital, and I am so grateful for that.

You have had somewhat of a stuffy nose, which has made it a little more complicated for you to eat and sleep sometimes… but you are such a good girl when we have to suction you to help.

Your daddy and I have had several conversations we can’t believe that we are now a family of FIVE… including a li’l princess! I am excited to see how our relationship flourishes and grows in the coming months and years. I look forward to having a very special bond with you. I will always be here for you… to support you and love you unconditionally.

Love always,



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