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Wednesday Activity – Melted Mini Bundt Cake Crayons

We have a bunch of broken crayons I have been saving, but can’t find any way of how Kuya Angelo can still use it.

Then I thought it would be fun to try to recycle the crayons. And come up with something he will surely love.

The first thing I did was to pulled out the mini-bundt -shaped baking tray I bought from Day to Day.

Then we remove all the paper and break the crayons up into small pieces. We tried to fill the molds up so they were pretty full but without having any bits hanging over the edges of the shape.


Next place baking tray in oven until crayons melt. (About 15 mins.) I watched them closely until they are completely melted.

Remove tray from oven. Let cool for a few minutes, then put into the freezer until they harden.


Place baking tray on counter, turn it over and pop it out.They should fall out easily.

Aren’t they gorgeous?






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