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Sharjah Dining Out- Chinese New Year @ Chopsticks

And because it’s Chinese New Year we tried the Chinese restaurant in Sahara Mall. Nope we’re not Chinese.. umaarte lang!

While taking our orders they gave us their complementary chicharon with 3 different dipping sauces ( chili sauce, soy sauce and the sweet and sour). I don’t know if we are just hungry but we asked for another serving kasi masarap siya. hehe


For starter we sampled their Shrimp Dumpling and we did enjoyed this dish. Di siya tinipid sa shrimp and it’s very tasty.


For mains we had Chicken Cashew, Crispy Beef and Garlic Rice. The Chicken Cashew does not blend well with our choice of rice pero carry na din but the Crispy Beef is the best. So yummy and even without rice pwedeng papakin.



Great value for money, fantastic choice and tasty dishes! A hole in one!


Location: East Atrium
Telephone: 06 5523770
Fax Fax: 04 2555571


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