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Sweetest Adventure Christmas Party

I hope everyone had a wonderful valentines celebration today. While most of the couples and family choose to go on a date, hubby and I had a lovely time in our house soaking up every minute with our kids. We cuddle, play and cooked simple dinner to celebrate the occasion. We end our day watching Diary ng Panget in Cinema One.

Maybe is just me but as soon as February starts rolling I start to think of summer. Sigh! I am not yet over with winter season.

Since it wont be for a while I am excited to share our post holiday party with you!

Theme: Candy Land Party.It’s a sweetest adventure filled with lollipops, chocolates and candies.


I love Christmas! Who wouldn’t love this season.Kids just make it so much more fun right?! We enjoy decorating our Christmas party and make it more memorable by preparing lots of games and prizes.




We had six major raffle draw courtesy of KM Leaders. Gifts were handpicked by yours truly. I made sure that whoever will get the prize will definitely jump for joy…hehe
Gifts are from Toys R Us and Mango.


WOW. Is all I can really say with our Candy Buffet. Totally loving on all the details.
I could have stayed for hours munching through all of the sweets. That make me want to be a kid again! Thanks Teacher Jen. Also the Rocky Road Brownies really rocks the crowd. It was ultimate fave of the guests.







After wrapping my head around the idea of making a photobooth, I came up with an idea that turned out so great. This photobooth is so easy you can literally put it together in minutes. Seriously.

Backdrop are made of IKEA christmas wrapper and a store bought christmas banner.
After you make your fabulous photobooth you are gonna need some cute props, right? Luckily over the years we’ve kept some of the props we used in our previous parties and added christmas headdress from Home Centre.

Without further adieu. I’ll let the photos do the talking of our DIY Photo Booth.





Thank you so much to all who helped us to make this possible. From the parents, kids, sponsors and teachers thank you for your commitment.




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