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Jelly Bean Update @ 36 weeks

Actually I am on going 37 weeks so anytime soon I’ll give birth na. In fact my OB was so alarmed yesterday I am showing signs of pre-eclampsia.
I came to the hospital for my usual check up but my blood pressure was too high 214/110. Urine Dip test shows + 2 protein also.

Ayun bojak ako sa OB.. Hehe. To be honest it is my fault. Over the holiday talaga I didn’t pay much attention of what i’m eating. Parang laging eat all you can lang! With matching upto sawa sa sweets pa.
I’m not fond of drinking water din kaya ayun kaboom UTI positive din.

Since yesterday afternoon I am under observation. 24- hour urine collection, 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, 24- hour glucose monitoring, ctg monitoring and I am done with my two shot of dexamethasone. Now I am waiting for the nurse for Jelly Bean ultrasound.



My glucose is quite high due to dexa shot and uncontrollable eating habit kaya my endocrinologist advised was to have insulin shot na din.


If everything went well today I can go home na and by next week they’ll do the induction. So for now please pray for me and Jelly Bean. Promise I’ll be good na!



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