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Hello 2015

Happy New Year Friends! Pardon me but I’ll start my post with the latest achievement of our eldest son Kuya Angelo.

I am proud to say that he was awarded First Prize in their Spelling Bee Competition and not only that he’ll be qualified for the Emirates Level.

The second level will be conducted during the First week of February. School toppers of every school will participate in this level. Every participant will get a certificate and all the top winners will get a trophy. Whoa! This will be a great opportunity with him.

It was only during his winter break when we really focused and worked hard. We are doing it religiously. Every day we made sure that we are allotting time to finish the booklet.

The booklet contained words from A- Z and during our first few days we really made a lot of misspelled words but that doesn’t stopped him from learning. In fact he became more diligent and eager to learn.







And it paid off! I couldn’t ask for more! I can’t contain my happiness! Stage- mom alert talaga!



Congratulations Kuya Angelo! I knew that you are gifted and truly God’s Champion! I prayed that God will continue to bless you with wisdom and shower you with His graces.

Daddy, Mommy, Inigo and Jelly Bean are so proud of what you achieved.


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