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It’s a Girl Outdoor Maternity Shoot

When I realized that I am already on my 32 weeks I panicked! Whoa! I still don’t have my maternity shoot yet my face and feet are now swelling.

IMG_1977 To my surprise I still don’t know when we will schedule it because of our commitments. But no way I will let this pregnancy passed without capturing the precious moment.


So yesterday while Kuya Angelo was still in the school we sneaked in and went to our favorite spot. IMG_1978

I am so pleased how they turned out. Daddy A took a lot of photos and it’s so hard to choose my favorites. We can’t wait to see our darling princess to come out in this world and yes if you read my previous post it’s a girl.

IMG_2090 I hope y’all enjoyed the photos as much as we do.





And I am enthralled to meet you Jelly Bean few months from now.



 Daddy, Mommy, Kuya Angelo and Kuya Inigo loves you so much!




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