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Inigo and his first hair cut

My son recently had his very first haircut two weeks after his 1st birthday. It was bitter sweet. His long hair reminds me of “Watzelei” of Meteor Garden.

This was Inigo a few days before his appointment.



My chinito Inigo.. my little good looking kid. His hair was always a mess. Longer on top than it was anywhere else. There are times i need to use pony tail so his eyes will not be irritated.

Daddy A and I were too nervous about his first cut because we didn’t want him to look too different and it is kind of a big boy thing and we are both in denial that he’s growing so fast.



We brought him to kiddie saloon at Fun City Reef Mall Dubai. Hair Cut priced at aed 35.

He was so afraid with scissors next to his head. He was so cranky, crying and wailing the whole time.

Even Mickey Mouse didn’t helped to make him calm. Drama-rama sa hapon talaga ang peg namin sa saloon. But it had to be done. These are his reaction the entire time.




The stylist was quick and just took some of the length off the top and trimmed up the sides.

Here’s the after picture..



After two weeks nasanay na din kami sa kanyang new look..




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