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It’s ok for it to be easy…

We’re on a mission to keep Christmas cozy and simple.

It’s ok for it to be easy…

Sometimes we get so bombarded with ideas about what will make the holidays special that we can begin to think that the only way to truly make the season bright is to complete a long list of tasks or to push ourselves to extremes to do just the “right” activities. You don’t have to have to have excess time and energy to enjoy the holidays.

This year I decided not to do the countdown for Christmas I just want to enjoy the moment with our family yet still creating memories.

Revisiting Al Ain Wildwilfe Park Resort has always been in our plan so when the schedule of daddy A is quite free we made sure that we Angelo will have a great day.

Luckily First Gulf Bank promotion is still on going so instead of paying aed 70 we only pay aed 40. If you are FGB card holder ticket will be buy one take one free.

Entrance of the park is aed 20 for adult and aed 10 for child. The park opens at 9am to 8pm.










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