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We were invited!! Minnie Mouse and Frozen Party

For two consecutive days we were invited to kiddie parties. And because this is the only way Angelo can see his friends we are trying our best to attend kahit commute lang from Sharjah to Dubai.

Our first party was a Minnie Mouse Theme. It’s a double celebration of Marcene 1st birthday and Margarette 6th birthday . You’ll be surprised their birthdays are five days apart lang. Ang galing noh?!

The cake is too cute not to share.
Too girly perfect for girls who loved Minnie Bow Tie Boutique..




The next day was Queen Dressy Coronation Day. She loved Frozen movie so it’s very obvious that as she turned six years old she’ll have a chillin and freezin’ birthday celebration.




Did I mentioned she’s super biba while singing the theme song of Frozen movie..

“let it go!! let it go!!





Familia Cerrado had so much fun and sweets overload talaga. Thank you for inviting us.


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