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I’m stress and so I made this…

I have so much on my plate that really bothers me. It’s something I need to worked on with myself. Sometimes I’m also thinking maybe daddy A was right I am just over reacting or pushing myself too much.
Anyway i really don’t have plan of doing any craft kasi nga I am too busy now a days. But because of stress I created this..



We have so much pictures kasi from the parties we are attending. O sige na nga we loved photo booth kaya sulit siya sa family namin. And since we have lots of photos na I used the Kodak album lang to put them in one place. But every time Inigo will look at it para siyang sore eyes sakit sa mata kasi parang mailagay lang.

To beat my stress I wrapped the Kodak album using our gift wrapper and cover it with plastic for protection. I also cut some words from old magazines to look like scrapbook.


It’s very simple but at least I was relieved..


Mas cute na siya ngayon..




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