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Behind the scene of our DIY Outdoor Photo Shoot of Inigo

Can you believe that Baby Inigo is now ONE! Yay! Welcome to the world of toddlerhood.

Yesterday we had his first post birthday shoot. Originally we were suppose to shoot pre-birthday  but he was down with fever and flu and the little boy was so clingy and moody so we need to cancel our plan. During the shoot we really work hard to get him to smile. He has his own plan and don’t want to stay in one place especially on his cake smash session.

But all in all it was a fantastic session, a lot of memories were made! Before I gave you the sneak peek I want to post these photos para makita niya how cute he is even if he is cranky..haha

I guess you will all agree that even if he was crying he’s still the most beautiful baby…

I LOVE YOU INIGO RAPHAEL and Happy Birthday!!





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