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Build a Marble Maze Game

This week theme is about Toys and Angelo’s assignment is creating a craft work related to this given topic. It can be A4 size OR on chart paper (not bigger then A3) 0R 3D. They are encouraging the child in making this project using different medium of art e.g. pasting, painting and colouring or using 3D objects. .

He also needs to write 3-5 sentences on Similarities and differences between old and new toys”.

I really don’t have a talent in drawing so I chose to do craft that I knew my son and I will love doing.

When I tild him that we will make a marble using shoebox lid and craftsticks his eyes glow and he’s so excited to start.

You will need:

Shoebox lid
Glue gun
Plastic (optional)
Washi Tape

We agreed that we don’t want it plain so Angelo draw rocket, himself, stars and sun. Actually anything that comes into his mind. Then when his done we started to cut to pieces the craftsticks while cutting we already set the glue gun. At first I wasn’t sure whether it will be strong enough but I still keep it a try. We worked together to figure out the lenght and the path that would work. Since glur gun is very hot I am incharge of gluing the sticks.


Angelo and I had a great time playing it. But we have no choice but to bring it to his school for submission.

We will definitely mske one again but this time with complicated pattern.. hehe



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